Charlestown Early Learning Center was established in 1981, as a non-profit organization, to provide a high quality, affordable educational program for 3,4,and 5 year old children in the local community.  Charlestown Early Learning Center, (CELC) is licensed by Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families, and meets or exceeds Standards as set forth by Rhode Island Department of Education and The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.  At CELC we strive to maintain the highest quality standards and continue to be involved in local and state initiatives whose focus is Quality Services for all children. Charlestown Early Learning Center has been awarded a 5 Star Rating by Brightstars, Rhode Island's Quality Improvement Initiative.


​​​Charlestown Early Learning Center

Our Philosophy

      CELC was founded on the belief that young children learn by doing.  Research has shown that children learn through peer and adult interactions, and through interacting with their environment.  Children are active observers and learners. Through Play, they learn to make sense of their world.  By spontaneously engaging in activities appropriate to their age and development, children add information to what they already know, develop new understandings, and construct new knowledge.  At CELC we believe that PLAY is the vehicle for these interactions, and provides the highest quality learning experiences.

     We believe in a partnership between school and home, and encourage family participation at every level of our Program.  

     At Charlestown Early Learning Center we believe in supporting a feeling of self worth for the Staff, and for the children and families that we serve.  Our goal is to foster this in our daily interactions with each child and adult, individually, and as a member of our school family.  We encourage the quest for knowledge in every child and adult in our Program.